Charbay Flavored Vodka Four Course Dinner @ Silk

Silk Restaurant will help Domaine Charbay celebrate their 21st anniversary by staging a Charbay dinner featuring Charbay very special flavored Vodkas which have been Awarded World's Best Vodka in '04. This is their Second Year in a Row to win by Spirit Journal. At Silk, wine steward Gregg Smith will feature Black Walnut, Blood Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit , Key Lime and Meyer Lemon specialty drinks with each of the four course at dinner.
Seating is limited. Interested dinners should email: for price and time.

While the best whiskies and brandies are built from layer upon layer of flavor, vodka companies tend to focus on filtering flavors out. Charbay, a tiny producer in California's Napa Valley, takes a different approach altogether. After quadruple distillation in stainless steel, Charbay's vodka, at 96 percent alcohol, is almost impossibly strong and pure, so there are virtually no imperfections to eliminate. The spirit never runs through the multiple layers of charcoal that other brands use, so it effortlessly retains a natural sweetness, a round, luscious body and a smooth, squeaky-clean flavor (from American Express Magazine)

Silk Restaurant
919 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308

SUN DEC 12 1p
Atlanta Falcons vs. Oakland Raiders @ GA
The Falcons will host the Oakland Raiders for the first time since the 1997 season when the Raiders escaped the Georgia Dome with a 36-31 win. The teams last met in Oakland in 2000 with the Raiders winning, 41-14.

Georgia Dome
285 Andrew Young International Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30313
For GA Dome: (404) 223-8427

For Atlanta Falcons: (404) 223-8000