Brunch & Live Jazz @ Spice 11a

793 Juniper Street
Atlanta, GA
(404) 875-4242

Devin´s "BAPS" and BBQ @ Django
Rotating DJs playing an eclectic mix on the back patio with an all-you-can-eat BBQ for $5. (The restaurant is not open for its usual menu)

495 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308

Continuing the Movement! Join JULIE DEXTER, MICHAEL JOHNSON, and their friends as they take you on a weekly ride that stretches the boundaries of Soul and Jazz. This crew will amaze you with their original compositions! DJ Larmarrous and Sir Nervex will be on the wheels with special guests.

The Jazz Loft
(formerly 201 COURTLAND)
201 Courtland St
(404) 519-8200

From Civil War to Civil Rights @ Underground Atlanta
Travel back in time with Underground's newest attraction - a guided history tour! Written by nationally acclaimed historian and scriptwriter, Peter Bonner, the tour includes ten historic stops throughout the property offering insightful history and amusing entertainment at the same time. For instance, did you know that Underground is home to what was the original tallest building in Atlanta, or that Joel Chandler Harris, author of Uncle Remus, used to wait for his horse drawn trolley on what is now known as Alabama Street? Explore everything from the zero mile-marker that marked the first railroad responsible for Atlanta‚s growth in the 1800s to an amazing view of the Capital as you discover or perhaps, rediscover the beauty of the original Atlanta that is known today as Underground. The tour is now open Friday-Saturday (11am, 1pm & 3pm) & Sundays at 1pm & 3pm.

Underground Atlanta
50 Upper Alabama Street, Suite 007
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 523-2311, ext. 7025
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